Jamila Henna Powder 500 g

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Jamila is henna from Pakiastan. Body art quality, triple sifted, 2.6% lawsone content. Jamila henna is easy to apply as paste and rinse out later, even from long hair. The paste is smooth and silky and has lovely texture.

5 x 100 g

Henna - Lawsonia inermis

BAQ - Body Art Quality

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Cassia obovata makes hair strong, silky and healthy just like henna does but it does not give red color. Therefore has cassia obovata been known also as "colorless henna" or "neutral henna".

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Amla powder gives very good exfoliating paste and it is fantastic conditioner for your hair. The amla paste makes hair glossy and silky, enhances waves and curl, and leaves a clean, healthy scalp. 

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India Rajastani piirkonna henna, puhas ja kõrge värvisisaldusega - 2,1% lavsooni. Sobib nii juuste värvimiseks kui ka nahale hennamaalingute tegemiseks. Muudab juuksed tugevaks, läikivaks, siidiseks ja terveks, katab hästi halli.

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